Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Tuesday:)

Wow....how the week is cruising by!?! Just thought I'd pop on a quick post to firstly say a HUGE 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' to my mum:) Who of course is just one of the bestest people in the whole entire world!!!! Sending you huge birthday wishes and hugs across cyber space xxxx Secondly to pop on a few Craft Fair creations....the Paper Pieced Patchwork is from a fab group at Blue Willow Cottage (just click on their name and pop over to see what else you can find!!) I just loved the fact that all of the bits came in the kit and that I walked away learning how to Patchwork on the run (will be handy when waiting for the kiddlywinks at Soccer, Music, School, travelling in the car, relaxing in the sun..fun fun fun!) I've just cut out more hexagonal shapes to keep creating!!
The cute dragonfly is to make Sashiko Dragonfly greeting card...I still need to attach it to a card but couldn't help sharing it! Pop over to Be Be Bold - Japanese Textiles to have a look at other great ideas:)
Last but certainly not least....I've been checking out the latest over at alittlelessuseless, kookykreations and stamp2it and yep...just have to share with you 'Helping Hudson - A Wheely Great Cause'. Just pop on past and see for yourself the absolutely wonderful tutorials to support a truly wonderful cause:) x

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