Friday, May 7, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award:)

Hello there!?!? I was just about to turn the computer off for the night when I thought I'd check out the world of blog before saying goodnight?! To my great surprise.... I had received this award a few days ago from alittlelessuseless... I had even read her post on the day she had received the award but I didn't even think to see who she was passing it on to?! let alone thinking that it might be little ole me?!?! lol:) Anyway...I now need to tell you 10 things about myself and then pass it on to 10 others in the great wide world of blog!! So here we go...
1. I'm now sitting here celebrating with a glass of white port! Cheers:)
2. I have a wonderful husband and two gorgeous kiddlywinks:)
3. I've become addicted to blog challenges?!
4. Love to go camping with family and friends:)
5. I'm a chocoholic!!
6. Just love my Nespresso Coffee machine! (note to self..must order more coffee pods!)
7. Enjoy going to the beach!
8. Moving house in the next few months:(
9. The last DVD I watched was 'My Sisters Keeper' and needed the tissues?!!
10. Cooked 'Mummy Maccas' for dinner tonight:) to the tricky bit...I'm just loving the whole blog experience...sending this through to Louise (a big thank you for first introducing me to the fabulous Stampin' Up! products), Kooky, Donna, Janice, Nancy, Shannon, Barb, Glenna, Lesley & Caz.
Nite x
ps. Remember to check out the chance to get a hold of some blog candy from alittlelessuseless :)


  1. Thank You so much for the beautiful bloger award. I am out of town for a wedding right now and when I get back, I will grab it. Thank you for your sweet comments. Nancy

  2. Gee thanks i really need to find my camera and add more stuff

  3. Why thankyou for your lovely blogger award, your blog is always very inspirational and no wonder you are addicted to blog challeb=nges you are doing a fantastic job at blitzing them :)
    Havin some time this weekend with my Ma and Pa, Hope you are having a great day!! Hello to all of you...

  4. Hello me again...just came across this blog site and thought you might be interested init ...they have challenges :) this is the link, the DT is having a break but will be back June 1st...

  5. Thank you for the lovely award!!!! You made my day!

  6. Thank you for my FIRST EVER!!! blog award. I am so surprised. I have neglected my blog for several weeks and this was such a nice surprise. Thank you for leaving such encouraging and kind comments on my blog. I enjoy reading yours too. I enjoy reading your blog and see all the beautiful things you have created.

    Thanks again.